Where to Buy Cheese Making Supplies

There is an updated blog piece about where to buy cheese making supplies.

I’ve talked about where to source cheese making equipment, here is a bit on where to get your supplies, from starter culture, rennet, cheese cloths, moulds to wax.  Below is a collection of places that I either use or know about.

Starter Culture and Rennet

Worcester based Orchard Valley sell rennet, acidity meter chemicals, starter cultures, annatto, calcium chloride, wax.  They are also stockists of Danisco starter cultures.  Nice people and extremely helpful, the guys there have really good technical knowledge, especially Trevor and have certainly helped me a great deal with their understanding and advice, though sodium hydroxide and phenol is a lot cheaper at Scientific Chemicals.

DSM Food Specialities sell rennet

Somerset based Westcombe Dairy are now stockists of Hansen starter culture and also sell rennet

Wales based Acott sell starter culture, rennet, presses and moulds.

Grantham based Smallholder Supplies sell a range of cheese making equipment from small presses, moulds, cloths and cheese matting.

Birmingham based Jongiac sell starter culture, rennet, moulds, presses, small cheese vats, packaging and cleaning chemicals.  Jaap who owns the business is not only very knowledgeable himself, but he organises very highly praised tours to continental cheese makers.

Moorlands sell a wide range of cheese making supplies from starter culture, cheese mats, presses, moulds, cutters, cloths

Somerset based Strattons sell starter culture, cloths, rennet.  They are at the bottom of this list for a reason.

Cheese Cloths

Ashton under Lyme based A & I Holmes sell re-useable cheese cloths (I get mine from them) and cloth caps and binders for bandaging cheese, tel: 0161 343 1911

Somerset based CRJ Solutions also see disposable blue cheese cloth,traditional cheese cloth, cheese wax, dairy clothing, salt, phenol, sodium hydroxide, cheese irons and a whole host of rather interesting looking other cheese type paraphenalia – check out their website: http://www.crjsolutions.co.uk/

For blue disposable cloths, you can’t go wrong with Precision Cut Textiles who appear to be the number one choice of blue disposable cloths to cheese makers in the country.

J M Clayton & Co Ltd also sell Egyptian muslin traditional cheesecloth, (no website) tel: 0161 273 1133, fax: 0161 273 3013 or email: andrew@jmclayton.co.uk

Cleaning Chemicals, Sodium Hydroxide etc

St Helens based CCL sell degreaser,  sanitiser, caustic and nitric for cleaning pasteurisers, though I use HDSC from Lytham st Anne based DB Consultants, tel: 01253 851 111 for degreaser and sanitiser.

Scientific Chemicals sell aciditymeter chemicals e.g. sodium hydroxide and Phenolphthalein


Sheffield based Rillatech sell vacuum pouches and Dalziel sell plastic bags.  Yorkshire based Xtex sell bags and blue polythene

If you know of anyone who deserves a mention on this list, please drop me a line and I will incorporate them.

Update 24/7/10 from Andy who has a splendid cheese making blog passed on these details about where to source raw milk:

http://www.hookandson.co.uk – nationwide delivery of raw Fresian milk
http://www.rawjerseymilk.co.uk/ – London delivery of raw Jersey milk
http://www.hurdlebrook.co.uk/ – raw Guernsey milk from Notting Hill Farmers market, and local Somerset delivery

You can also buy raw milk from Andrew Hollinshead at his farm in Cheshire http://www.realrawmilk.co.uk

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  2. Dear Iona,
    The information you have provided is of great value – thank you. I would like to say something good about Strattons that are on the bottom of your list, I can say that they are a hard working family concern and have had their own share of difficulties like so many of us have had during the past year or so, but they are now out of the woods and making a strong comeback as a reliable supplier to the cheesemaking industry. Their blue disposable cheesecloth is of the highest quality and their pricing is very competitive. They have just produced a new product catalogue and are working on a new website http://www.strattonsaleseurope.com

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      Hi Peter

      Thanks for getting in touch, nice of you to say something positive about Strattons. Um, please don’t think I am being rude, or cynical, you don’t work for them do you? I had heard that things have improved. I haven’t used them for quite a while after being continually let down with starter and cloths. I use Westcombe whose starter I buy is cheaper than Strattons. But, hey, good to hear that things have improved.

      With best wishes


  3. Precision Cut Textiles in the Midlands sells Blue Disposable Cheese cloth. I know because Im the Managing Director!
    Simply put we have a direct supply from the manufacturer and therefore no middle men, which gives us our unique prices.
    Also our material is of a higher strength as we have worked with the manufacturer to improve on this. And we are the only people in the world which receive it!
    PIRA certified with ISO 14001 & 9001 Hygeine Standards.
    We’ve been audited multiple times, successfully, for many of the larger creameries throughout the UK. This means we are consistent!
    For further enquiries please contact me:

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