Chutney Tasting Results II

Five of our chutneys

Five of our chutneys, from left: sweet chilli jam, banana, piccalilli, tomato & chilli, caramelised red onion

Last Sunday was quiet in the shop so I decided to start the analysis of the chutney tastings.  We had 13 chutneys out for tasters and asked four questions:

1) How do you rate it out of 10?

2) Would you change anything?

3) Would you eat it with cheese?

4) Would you buy it?

We wrote (scrawled, in my case) down the responses marking Male or Female, just in case there was a difference in taste.  We have some really interesting results!  And this is just the first part of the analysis.

This is what the men liked most:

Results of the Men Tasters     
 Rank TypeTotal scoreAverage Score 
1Tomato & ChilliSpicy145 8.0 
2Sweet ChilliHot149 7.9 
3Red onion marmaladeSavoury111 7.8 
4Onion 1 Savoury79 7.3 
4Spicy OnionSpicy82 7.3 
4Spiced AppleSweet67 7.3 
4Piccalilli Spicy66 7.3 
4Apple 1 Sweet55 7.3 
5Pineapple Sweet/Spicy66 6.8 
5Banana Spicy66 6.8 
6Pear & ApricotSweet66 6.7 
7Apple 2 Sweet51 6.1 
8Tomato 2 Savoury36 6.0 

This is quite interesting, because if  you take the top five chutneys, then men prefer savoury chutneys, and preferably a little spicy and hot.  The sweeter chutneys appear at the lower end of the table.  So what do women like, is this any different?

Results of the Women Tasters       
    Type Total scoreAverage Score 
1Red onion marmalade Savoury120 8 
2Piccalilli Spicy92 7.7 
3Sweet Chilli Hot 61 7.6 
3Pear & Apricot Sweet99 7.6 
3Apple 1 Sweet76 7.6 
4Pineapple Sweet/Spicy90 6.9 
4Tomato & Chilli Spicy83 6.9 
4Spicy Onion Spicy62 6.9 
4Onion 1 Savoury55 6.9 
5Spiced Apple Sweet81 6.8 
6Banana Spicy78 6.5 
7Apple 2 Sweet82 6.3 
8Tomato 2 Savoury41 5.9 
Chutney Tasting

Chutney Tasting

Well, looking at this, it would appear that women do have slightly sweeter tooth’s than men,  and that men and women do have different tastes.  Whilst Caramelised Red Onion Chutney and Sweet Chilli Jam appears in both men and women’s top 3, women far prefer Piccalilli to men and men far prefer the spicy Tomato & Chilli to women; look at the Pear and Apricot: it is fourth in the women’s preferences and third to bottom in the mens’ – interesting, hey?  And another question to ask…who buys chutney?  Men or women?

There are many conclusions that can be drawn from this piece of work, but for us, it helps to identify what we are going to make.  This includes Sweet Chilli Jam, Tomato & Chilli, Caramelised Red Onion, Piccalilli, Apple, Pear & Apricot…and we have a couple of new ones up our sleeve!

And in case you wondered, here is the combined list of men and women’s results.

 What Both Men & Women Tried Total ScoreAverage Score
1Red onion marmalade   230.57.9 
2Sweet Chilli   2107.8 
3Apple 1   1317.7 
4Tomato & Chilli   227.57.6 
5Piccalilli   1587.5 
5Pear & Apricot   1657.5 
6Pineapple   1567.1 
7Spicy Onion   1446.9 
7Banana   1446.9 
8Spiced Apple   147.56.7 
8Apple 2   1336.7 
9Onion 1   1346.4 
10Tomato 2   775.9 

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