Meeting Our friends Nick and Laura from Dewlay

Dewlay were one of the first friends we made in the cheese world.  They are not only a thoroughly nice bunch, but they make fabulous, award winning cheese.  Lancashire based Dewlay make Garstang Blue (yum!) and Lancashire cheese.

My sincere apologies to Nick for not recognising him, I am still smarting from that one!  I haven’t seen Nick in ages, and he is looking well and thriving.  Nice to meet Laura, we have e-mailed over BRC questionnaires.

Laura, me and Nick at Nantwich

Laura, me and Nick at Nantwich

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  1. Hi
    After living in the Canary Islands for 10 years we have a taste for goat cheese, every village had it’s own cheese. I wonder if you sell goat cheese and if we could visit you and buy some
    thanks Peter

    1. Post

      Hello Peter

      Many thanks for your e-mail and a big yes! We do have goat cheese, we make 8 varieties ourselves, with local milk and you are most welcome to come and visit either our little shop on the high street in Hawes or come and see us at our dairy. Please e-mail me at or phone: 01969 66 77 88. It would be great to meet you and learn more about the kind of goat cheeses you have been used to eating. I am also a fan!

      With best wishes


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