More Christmas Wedges

A box of hand waxed wedges of award winning Wenleydale cheese for the Yorkshire Hamper Company

A box of hand waxed wedges of award winning Wensleydale cheese for the Yorkshire Hamper Company

A lady called Mandy from the Yorkshire Hamper Company got in touch with us a couple of days ago asking us if we could make her some Wensleydale mini truckles.

Unfortunately, we had just made 100 for our ‘Special Customer’ and had very few left in the shop and wouldn’t be able to make enough for her in time for the weekend.

So instead, we compromised at making her some hand cut and hand waxed wedges of Wensleydale.

We hope she will be pleased with them as they are quite fiddly to do, although it gave us all the opportunity to taste/test the cheese!

It was batch E2: nice and crumbly and creamy with a little acidic tang to it.  That’s near on 100 wedges we have done in 2 days.  If you would like some, please get in touch:

Well, it keeps us out of mischief….

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      Fantastic! Am really pleased, Mandy. Do, by all means give us a shout when you need some more doing.

      Good luck with your new venture and have a great Christmas.

      Best wishes

      Iona, Lydia & Stu

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