The Story of the Travelling Chicken

Arabella the chicken back at home, taking it easy

Arabella the chicken back at home, taking it easy

This is a completely non cheese related story about Arabella chicken who went away on a day break.  I think she had packed some corn sandwiches and a little chicken flask wrapped in a neat little jaunty red bandanna and all she needed was a lift somewhere different.  I don’t think she minded where she was going, she just fancied a change of scenery.

A couple of weeks ago, Gangly, who is a joiner and builder was doing some work for me at home.  We had arranged to meet up at 7.45am one morning, before I set off to work to discuss some drawings.  He parked up at the top of my place and walked down.  After I had left, he popped up to his van to get something out of the side and left the door open and in hopped Arabella, only he didn’t know it.

He was driving to his next job in Bentham when he heard some chicken noises.  The next thing he knew, Arabella who had made herself at home, in all senses, in the back, hopped up between the headrests and then jumped down on to the passenger seat and nestled up as chickens do.  Gangly was somewhat surprised by this but was nearly at his destination, so he let her stay there.  The chicken seemed perfectly at home and not distressed in any way at all.  On his arrival, he let Arabella out into the yard and she pecked away, did a little bit of exploring into interesting looking nooks and crannies and did whatever chickens do and when he was finished and off to the next job, she hopped back into his van on the passenger seat and off they set to Gangly’s next job.  By this time, Gangly was talking to Arabella, asking her if she had a nice day so far.

Fortunately, there was another yard, this time with some farm dogs who seemed very curious about the new arrival and Arabella hopped out again, watched Gangly work, played with the dogs until he had finished and then she hopped back in the van and Gangly took it back to my place and deposited her back in my yard.

One happy chicken returned home with lots of tales about farm dogs and other people’s yards.  She has dined out on it ever since, I think.

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