Weird Things People Say in the Little Cheese Shop, Hawes

Here are two for today:

Australian woman: ‘what’s the difference between cow, goat and sheep cheese?’

Me, trying hard, and succeeding, not to sigh deeply: ‘well, apart from coming from different animals and having different flavours, there’s a difference in the fat content, goat being the lowest, cow in the middle and sheep having the most fat per 100g.’

AW: ‘yeah, but what is the difference?’

Me: ‘That’s really hard to explain as within each animal type there are hundreds of variations of all tastes.’

AW: ‘yeah, but how are they all different?’

Me: ‘I honestly don’t think I can answer that, but I can explain a little bit about each of the three types we make ourselves and some of the cheeses within those’

AW: ‘ I’ll have a bit of that vintage matured cheddar.’

Second one:

Strange woman: ‘have you got any non dairy cheese?’

Me: ‘do you mean cheese that is not made from milk?’

SW: ‘yes.’

Me: ‘No, all of our cheese is made from milk.’

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