It’s Going To Be A Nice Day Today – my Pigs Said So

Another gratuitous picture of Penny Pig

Another gratuitous picture of Penny Pig

Unlike Linda Evangelista, my pigs get out of bed for two things: food and sunshine.

Yesterday, we were told that temperatures were going to reach 30 oC.  Like hell they did!  Is the weather as well as most other things utterly south and London-centric?  It was grey, wet and generally miserable yesterday until about 3pm until the sun dared to show itself.

Today, however, when normally Penny Pig and Snouter don’t get

Another gratuitous  picture of Snouty

Another gratuitous picture of Snouty

up until well gone midday, at 8am, my pigs had dug themselves a nice hole in the earth to make themselves comfy and had settled down, big, fat, soft pink bellies exposed to the beginnings of what might a potentially hot day.  Will it be a scorcher?

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  1. 10a.m. and its already a scorcher down here in Herts. Hope you put plenty of sun cream on the pigs!!

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      HI Val

      Am off to the shop in five minutes, so they will have to be careful. I’ve spoken to them both and Penny Pig says she will try and get Snouter into the shade!

      Hope you are all well and thriving in the baking heat.

      Speak soon


  2. Hi Iona,

    Just north of you in Weardale, it’s the usual ‘cool’ scorcher of a day………….



    NB: have you started the cheese making days yet or are you too busy with work and studies right now? Thanks.

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