Another Vet Snouter Behaved Badly With

Snouter looking appealing and unassuming

Snouter looking appealing and unassuming

Appalling English in the title, sorry about that, but descriptive.

Poor old Snouter is not very well.  He has deep splits in three of his trotters which makes it very painful to stand.  Adam the old vet, Snouter’s former adversary has retired and I am not keen on  his replacements, so we changed to Dalehead vets in Settle.

I first noticed that Snouter was a little off colour last week.  I traced it to his trotters which are his own very personal private property and he does not like people to touch them.  This does not bode well.  With a generous amount of tummy rubbing, he reluctantly let me examine his trotters with a torch so I could see what the problem was.  I bought some blue antibiotic spray from the vets, most of which ended up over me and started with that, twice a day on Friday evening.  It is not conducive to cheese making to have stained blue hands that no amount of scrubbing will get rid of.

Snouty seemed a little better over the weekend as I was at home and kept nipping out to check on him.  But by Monday evening, he could barely stand and staggered, leaning his weight on me and I keeled over, trying to support his weight and he slumped on top of me.  He must be about 175kgs.  Wriggling out from underneath him was not easy as I kept imaging a broken leg.  Mine.  It’s not like there is anyone to shout for help to!

I looked into his eyes and could see how much pain he was in.  This really scared me, I was so afraid for him.

Snouter - how could anyone not love this pig?

Snouter – how could anyone not love this pig?

The next day, Tuesday, I arranged for Guy, the nice vet from Settle to come up and see him.  You can imagine, it was not easy for Snouter to let a stranger, albeit a kindly stranger handle his trotters but as he was reluctant to stand up, Guy agreed with me that this was the problem and that we would inject him first with an antibiotic and then a pain killer with him lying down.  The good thing is that his trotters are not infected.  I had also checked for this, feeling his whole hoof pad to see if it was warm – a sign of infection.  To cut a long story short, Snouter excelled himself as we gave him an antibiotic jab, he tried to jump to his feet, swaying unsteadily, large mouth open, thrashing from side to side, fangs exposed trying to bite.  This all took place inside Snouter’s new piggie bed, which is a confined space; Guy stepped outside as I held on to him, trying to sooth him.

The new two trough feeding regime: Penny Pig and Snouter

The new two trough feeding regime: Penny Pig and Snouter

Guy took it remarkably well as I started my well worn apologies.  Snoutychops is going to get a bad reputation – I only hope he does not get blacklisted!  He is normally such a beautiful, loving and affectionate piggie.

Unscathed, Guy and I re regrouped and considered how to give him his pain killer jab and decided that Snouter was not going to have any of this.  So yesterday evening, I drove to Settle in a veritable force 10 storm and picked up an oral pain killer.  I dripped 2mls on to a chocolate digestive biscuit, sandwiched it to another one and went out to feed him.  He snaffled it and then gave me an odd look to say ‘that didn’t taste very nice’.  So I don’t think I will get away with that again, I shall have to be more devious.  I am thinking a jar of strawberry jam and some bread.

Last night, I went to check on him before I went to bed and gave him lots of new straw to add to his bedding to make him more comfortable, which he always likes as he enjoys snuffling in it, systematically snouting it all over, scoffing indeterminable tasty bits.  I think the pain killer may have kicked in as he seemed a bit brighter and did try and get up a little more.  Trev the builder made an extra king sized new piggie bed but Penny had not been in it until last night so they have had his and her beds.  Penny Pig who is normally the grumpy, bad tempered one of the pair lies down on her side, trotters fully extended, taking up two thirds of the old piggie bed, kicking poor old Snouter out.  Last night, for the first time, she joined him in their new extra big pig bed and I am hoping that he is on the mend.  I shall find out tonight when I get home from work as I can’t tell in the mornings as they like to sleep in until lunchtime.

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  1. Iona – If I die I want to come back as one of your pigs! Lying in until midday, and chocolate digestives (albeit covered in pain killer) is my idea of heaven.
    You do tell a good disaster story – it is nice to know that we are not the only people they happpen too.

    1. Post

      HI Angela and Alan
      Thanks for your e-mail. You did make me laugh, that if you die and go to heaven, you want to come back as one of my piggies. You have my solemn word that you would be looked after royally, with plenty of tummy rubbings and tasty food and behind the ear scratchings!

      Do you have similar problems with your goats?

      Speak soon

      Iona x

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