An Official Picture of the Road from Hawes Last week from the Daily Mail

This picture was taken by someone who lives on this road and knows too well how bad driving conditions can be

The road to/from Hawes last week

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  1. There is no way I would have attempted that even in x 4×4 ! knowing that road! Very impressed with the gentleman that came to your rescue and got you home.

    1. Post

      HI Jan

      A BIG thank you for the raspberry gin – I shall crack that open, I think on Christmas Eve. I am only sorry that I was not here on Monday to give you some cheese by way of return. Whenever you are up next, please let me know in advance and I will organise something for you.

      You are right, and I know that you know the road – it was horrendous and this was taken, I reckon, about 2-3 hours before I got to it, so it was a lot worse. nightmare journey. Even though I didn’t drive, I felt physically sick when I got home and couldn’t eat that night. It was scary and just as bad the next morning coming back in. Thankfully it had gone by Friday evening.

      And thanks re the graduation. It was a hard three years, and the day itself was bloody stressful, but I suppose, when I am a bit older and a bit wiser, I will appreciate it.

      Anyway, hope you got home ok – and did you have a good time?

      Speak soon

      Best wishes


      PS: nice to put a face to a name or a blog person!

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