No Official Gloucester Cheese Rolling in 2013

The Annual Cheese rolling competition from

The Annual Cheese rolling competition from

I read a couple of days ago, via the BBC website that three policemen from Gloucestershire constabulary visited 86 year old cheese maker, Diana Smart who makes a 12″ Gloucester cheese for the annual rolling down the hill event and gave her a bit of a rollicking, warning her that she should not make nor supply any cheeses for the event in case anyone gets hurt.  The event is due to take place on the Bank Holiday, Monday 27th May 2013.

Taken from the BBC website:

She said: “It made me feel pretty angry… there’s not a lot we can do,”

Mrs Smart, 86, who has made cheese for the event for 25 years, said police had warned her she could be regarded as responsible if anybody was injured.

Taken from the Citizen Online:

‘Since the early 1800s a cheese has been chased down the 200 yard, one in three, hill. But after an estimated 15,000 people tried to watch in 2009, organisers of the 2010 event were forced to cancel on the advice of police and councils.

An attempt to organise a commercial event failed and since 2010 it’s gone back to an ad-hoc event of ‘rebel rollers’ unofficially chasing the cheese. There will be no official medical cover.  A Gloucestershire police spokesman said: “Advice has been given to all those who have participated in any planning of an unofficial cheese rolling event this coming bank holiday.  This included the individuals who provide the cheese.’

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