We Are Back!

Yes, it has been a long time…..what can I say….I got hooked on Twitter, it is quick and concise.

WordPress has changed a lot and it feels a bit unfamiliar, but am planning to re-learn it fast because one of the things I will be doing is asking some cheese maker friends a bit about themselves and their business in the form of a 5 question interview.

First volunteer is Mario who runs a lovely urban cheese making business from an EHO accredited extension at his home in Leeds.  Mario’s business is called Olianas; he works with a source of ewe’s milk from a farm near Harrogate and makes a very fine line of award-winning Pecorinos and a Yorkshire Ricotta.

If you would like to follow us on Twitter, we are @RibblesdaleC

If you are an artisan cheesemaker or a budding cheese maker and would like to take part in our five question interview, leave a reply!

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