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  1. Dear Iona,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your request regarding the naming of your new cheese – “The Big Cheese”. As you know the authority has for the last thirteen years, run a major tourism event called the same. We have looked at your site and can see no reason to prohibit your idea of calling your new cheese by this name. indeed we do believe that perhaps we can equally promote each others name connection and product. Our site address is
    Best Wishes

    Rosemary Mathews

  2. We are new owners of a Tea room & B&B in Dent (not so far away) and came in search of your shop on Monday to taste and buy some of your lovely cheese. Our menu here is such that we want to use local suppliers and your cheeses would be perfect.
    Can you send us your price list? Thanks.
    I understand a Dent farmer is one of your milk suppliers.

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      Hello Diana, thanks for your enquiry, I sent an e-mail with a price list attached a while back. let me know if you would like to come and sample some of our cheeses. With best wishes, Iona

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  3. hi Iona
    We are in need of some more cheese, Its been a while so can you send us your current listing and prices.
    Thanks Diana
    Stone Close Tea Room, Dent

  4. Hi Iona
    Thanks for the congrats – we didn,t know we had achieved anything until I saw your email. Actually, I thought our entry would have been binned on arrival, I was sure I hadn,t put a use by date on the outside, and when reading through the entry notes after TNT had taken the parcel, I read that any entry without a use by date would be disposed of immediately. So thanks for the surprise. Did you enter a cheese yourself?
    Regards Angela and Alan Wobbly Bottom

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      Hi Angela and Alan – great to hear from you. Oh dear – you didn’t know! Well, congratulations, anyway! Yes, we won two x two gold stars for our Old Tyme Wensleydale (cow) and our Matured Natural Rinded cheese and a one gold star for our Original Goat. Speak soon, Iona

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