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About Our Cheese

We are, quite unashamedly, a micro-dairy, operating out of a tiny space, with just  Stu and Iona being full-time, ably assisted by part timers Malcolm and Pete. We make everything by hand and are award winning artisan cheese makers. We are very proud to have won multiple awards for our cheese, at Nantwich, The Great Taste Awards and the British Cheese Awards.

These days, we only enter a couple of cheeses into Nantwich and The Great Taste Awards as it is an expensive enterprise, but we are still grateful for anything we may win – if we win anything, as there are many very good cheeses and cheese makers out there, competition is stiff!

Our product range seems to have crept over the years, mainly because Iona likes making new things (and has to be reined in from time to time).  We now make 15 goat, sheep and cow cheeses using  single source local milk.  About 90% of our production is goat cheese and most is hard cheese, although our goat curd, which we make in many formats is proving very popular and taking up more of our production time.

We have, over the years, been stocked in Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Selfridges, Wholefoods, Michelin restaurants, Waitrose, Ocado and we supply to the top 10 UK wholesalers who supply fine food shops, delis, farm shops and restaurants.  Our cheese has been exported to the Middle East, Japan, the Falklands, Canada and the US.

All of our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet and we are SALSA accredited.

Our Current Range

Hand Waxed Hard Cheeses
Natural Rinded Cheeses
Unpasteurised Cheese
Soft Cheeses