Ribblesdale Owd Ewe

It is cloth bound and put in the maturing room to mature, where over time, it loses moisture, and the fat begins to break down and the flavours really start to come into their own. A complex cheese with layers of flavour. It is turned and rubbed each week to keep it happy.

Tasting Notes

  • Complex flavour

  • Cloth bound

  • Firm texture

  • Fatty mouth feel

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Nutritional Information

Per 100g











How its made

The process of making cheese is common to all cheeses. As a result of this process, milk is transformed into curds and whey. After draining they whey, a curd is left behind; this curd is already ‘fresh’ cheese! A variety of methods can then be used to prepare the cheese: straining, pressing, salting, or brining. Whether it’s young or old, clean or with mould, it’s delicious! Each cheesemaker practices his or her craft in his or her own unique way, and cheesemaking is both a science and an art.

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